Alan Neider Prepares For A Solo Show @ Gallery L

Art Standard Time | Alan Neider | Paint and Tar

Alan Neider prepares for his 1st solo show at Gallery L in Montclair, NJ.

Art Standard Time | Alan Neider | Paint and Tar

On September 29th Alan Neider will debut his latest series of works named “Paint & Tar.” True to his style the latest series blends fabrics, paints and wood into multi dimensional wall sculptures. He will be creating a site specific art installation that will take over the Gallery L storefront in Montclair, NJ. Show goers will be immersed into Alan's work as they walk in and feel as if they are inside of Alan’s mind. 

Art Standard Time | Alan Neider | Paint and Tar

Neider's recent work has included sewing together textured fabrics and painting onto them. His last series "The Blanket Paintings" were his first encounter with blankets as a substrate to paint. They hang, folded and draped on walls, exposing some or parts of the painted surface. His current work involves coffees sacks, fabric, paint and tar. These paintings are free hanging with paint being handled in an expressive and gestural manner.

Art Standard Time | Alan Neider | Paint and Tar

“Paint & Tar” will kick off with an opening reception on Saturday September 29th from 7-10pm. Alan will be back at Gallery L on Saturday October 13th for an Artist Talk. The exhibit runs from September 29th thru October 21st. Fitting in perfectly with the Montclair Art Walk held on October 19th from 6-9pm.

543 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair NJ 07042

Alan Neider Paint & Tar Solo Show

September 29th thru October 21st

Opening Reception: September 29th 7-10pm

Artist Talk: October 13th

Art Standard Time | Alan Neider | Paint and Tar




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