Galerie Perrotin Seoul Exhibits Josh Sperling's "Two Purple Tigers"

Josh Sperling | Art Standard Time

New York based artist Josh Sperling a will present his newest works in a solo exhibition titled “Two Purple Tigers” at Galerie Perrotin Seoul in South Korea. This is his second show with Perrotin and first in Asia. The show will feature the artists' signature geometric forms and colors in new configurations.

Josh Sperling | Art Standard Time

Josh Sperling’s work follows in the tradition of the "shaped canvas" and minimalist paintings of the 1960s and 1970s.Sperling (born in 1984 in Oneonta, New York) uses intricate and sinuous cutting to define the outline of his works, often adding three-dimensionality under the surface of the canvas.

Josh Sperling | Art Standard Time

Each shaped canvas is hand formed. Layers of plywood are built up forming the shapes over which canvas is stretched and then painted. "The visible ridges add not only texture, but a kind of diagrammatic dimensionality" By using these techniques Sperling continues the exploration of the sculptural potential of painting.

Josh Sperling | Art Standard Time

Sperling’s “Two Purple Tigers” will be on display until December 30, 2018


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