Nina Chanel Abney Monoprint Show @ Pace Prints

October 26, 2018 - December 15, 2018

Art Standard Time | Nina Chanel Abney

Nina Chanel Abney’s life-size monoprints will be featured at Pace Prints in NYC starting this week. This is Abney’s first exhibition with the gallery and the artist’s first body of work in the print medium.  

Abney is a leading up and comer in the contemporary art industry today.The Chicago-born artist creates vivid paintings that touch upon themes of race, gender, pop culture, and politics. Her signature visual language of symbols and stylized figures, her prints draw both subject and message from current events and society. In her words, “As I am creating a piece, everything that is happening in the moment may find its way in the work.”  With their alluring color palette, Abney’s monoprints beckon the viewer closer, only to find themselves confronted with messages that can leave them unnerved.  From the pernicious effects of housing discrimination to the racist rhetoric found in today’s politics, Abney’s prints invite the viewer to participate in timely conversation. 

Art Standard Time | Nina Chanel Abney


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