Takashi Murakami's Halloween Costume: "I Love It"

Art Standard Time | Takashi Murakami

As revealed by the artist on instagram, this year Takashi Murakami will dress up in a custom made outfit inspired by the Kanye West and Lil Pump "I Love It” music video. The exaggerated look is made up of a smiling flower print button-up, traditional Japanese camoflage pant, a gold “Hiropon” necklace and a pair of YEEZY slides.

Art Standard Time | Takashi Murakami

“Hiropon” is the name of Murakami’s lauded sculpture from 2001 that serves as a physical representation of Japanese “Otaku” culture and its distinct representation of female sexuality.

Art Standard Time | Takashi Murakami | Hiropon

The Artists wrote on his Instagram: "I found the music video of Kanye West (and Lil Pump )’s "I Love It” incredibly shocking. Its like you’re being served a raw, contemporary human being, delivered straight to you via YouTube, iTunes and Spotify. I felt as though I was served a fresh platter of ego sashimi. Even though the video steps out of the human ego’s safety zone, the ego is still somehow maintained... I don’t even know what I’m talking about, but all I can do is to bow down to it! And so I did this cosplay in my studio."

Spike Jonze produced the music video.  


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