Alan Neider


Alan Neider, born 1944, is an American artist who has established a signature style of blending fabrics, textures and paint into bright tactile energetic compositions. Neider uses textiles such as blankets and vintage materials to create large scale pieces often working on a series of 10 at a time. His works hang, fold and drape exposing parts of the painted surface. These paintings are free hanging with paint applied in an expressive and gestural manner. He has a BA in Ceramics from Long Beach State and a MFA in Sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis where he received a Robert Rauschenberg Work Grant. Neider currently lives and works in Hamden, CT.

His art has from the beginning been about creating difficult and challenging surfaces and forms to paint on and into.
“My work has always been about painting. I built out from the surface of my first paintings because the forms needed to come out into space. Some early paintings were free standing 3-dimensional forms. Some of the forms I have built and painted include: chairs, lamps, curtains, dresses as well as dimensional abstract paintings that hang on the wall. I create/build difficult and challenging surfaces to paint. I believe these surfaces in conjunction with the inherent textures wood, fabric, ceramics lead to a richer, complex experience.”
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