Michael Jordan Spiegel


Michael Jordan Spiegel serves as the creative director of NYC2LA, a creative studio specializing in the creation of online and social brand presence for real estate properties, new developments and industry related companies.

Michael was born in New York, but spent his early years traveling the world; making his way through the best of every city, sampling delicacies, seeking out secret spots, and making friends with locals and long lost family. His appreciation for culture and design stems from a lifelong thrill of adventure and time spent with fascinating characters along the way.
His art reflects his attitude of excitement in pushing boundaries. Drawing inspiration from his travels and time spent working under visionary contemporaries, his works are a mix of the global and the gourmand - Canvases alive with signature cut-out creations and splashy text. 
City kids never lose their spark. 
Michael Jordan Spiegel

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