Michael Jordan Spiegel to make The Other Art Fair debut in Los Angeles

Artist Michael Jordan Spiegel to make his The Other Art Fair debut in Los Angeles.

 Michael Jordan Spiegel 3AM OVER SUNSET BOULEVARD

Michael Jordan Spiegel, an LA based contemporary artist will be showcasing his works at the 2019 Los Angeles edition of The Other Art Fair Presented by Saatchi Art. The fair known for displaying independent emerging artists, will kick of in Los Angeles from March 28-31 in The Magic Box at The Reef.

Spiegel is known for his signature style of blending custom cut-outs with quirky text. His art reflects his attitude of excitement in pushing boundaries. Drawing inspiration from his travels and time spent working with visionary contemporaries. Michael Jordan Spiegel is looking to highlight his “Custom Club” Concept. The idea of creating custom edition pieces through a collaborative effort between artist and commissioner to yield a truly one of a kind masterpiece.

Spiegels pieces on view will include:

Canal Street Dreams. Mixed Media, 36” x 48” Canvas, 2017

3am Over Sunset Boulevard, Mixed Media, 30” x 40” Canvas, 2017

Surfing Japan Eating Croissants, Acrylic, Paper, Pencil, Gold, 24” x 36” Canvas, 2017

This will be his first time exhibiting with The Other Art Fair. Recently Spiegel’s work was featured at The Chocolate and Art show in February.


Magic Box @ The REEF

1933 S. Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90007


Friday March 29, 2019: 3pm-10pm

Friday Late Evening: 6pm-10pm

Saturday March 30, 2019: 11am-8pm

Sunday March 31, 2019: 11am-6pm

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